admicos' programs
aclass: A lightweight and easy class system for Lua.
coolkit: A lightweight and easy class system for Lua.
luapp: luapp is a Lua preprocessor compatible with Computercraft, lua5.1 (cli) and Opencomputers
Akuukis' programs
nav: Navigation BETA (Video presentation). Go to coordinates and library takes care of everything. Independent (doesn't need even OpenOS). Manual included.
thread: Parallel Thread Library. Threads can spawn, manipulate, kill and do even more. Independent (doesn't need even OpenOS). Manual included.
Altenius' programs
sl: A steam locomotive goes across your screen as you mispell ls
tdit: A tweaked version of the edit.lua program provided with OpenOS
Antheus' programs
antheus-dns-library: DNS Library for use in programs
antheus-dns-server: DNS Server
antheus-lib: Antheus's Library of Wonders
asie's programs
ctifview: CTIF-format image viewer
lunatic86: 8086 PC emulator for OpenComputers (0.1.1)
dangranos' programs
ytdl: A youtube audio (not video! ..yet?) downloader for tapes. Uses Magik6k's online converter.
ds84182's programs
libgps: Library for gps, ported from ComputerCraft
libmusicfs: Library for MusicFS
libvec: Library for vectors, ported from ComputerCraft
musicfs: MusicFS is a special file system-like format for tapes that allow multiple songs to be stored on a single tape.
netflash: Program that allows flashing of OpenGX Glasses PROM wirelessly
prom: Program that allows easy flashing of OpenGX Glasses PROM
DustBin's programs
LibCompress: Compression API
EvaKnievel's programs
applicationconf: Reads application.conf using an altered version of kilobyte's configparser, package contains the default application.conf which can be overridden
locationservice: Keeps a track of the current location by overriding the robot move methods
logger: Logs errors in OpenOS by copying all output sent to stderr to /var/log/stderr, lib will be added in later versions to allow programs to create more detail logs in later versions
Fingercomp's programs
charts: Histograms and progress bars. Look nice, powerful enough, easy to use.
eumon: EU storage monitor
ffp: Can play PCM files; provided converter supports WAV files.
game-of-life: An implementation of the Life.
gist: Makes it easy to download or upload files from/to Gist.
hpm: Runs script from pastebin to install hpm
libaevent: Unlike the standard event system, it also has callback priorities, event cancelling, and allows pushing events with any payload (functions, tables, etc.).
libbigint: Enables one to have very big integers, storing them in a metatable
libcsv: A CSV parser.
libder-decoder: Decodes the data encoded with Distinguished Encoding Rules, a subset of ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One). Provides a context functionality, allowing to decode the X.509 certificates!
libhttp: A HTTPS 1.1 implementation that can send requests with any request method
libsemver: A SemVer 2.0 parser originally written in Python, and ported to Moonscript
libsemver-src: A SemVer 2.0 parser originally written in Python, and ported to Moonscript (MoonScript source)
libtls: This library enables one to send and recieve data over a secure (kind of) TLSv1.2 connection
lua-lockbox: A collection of cryptographic primitives and protocols written in pure Lua
lumber: A basic lumberjack program.
net-flash: Remote code execution.
nn: Gives one control of their nanomachines.
opg-chat: A modular chat program for OP glasses with many features.
particly: Draw in-world bitmap images using the Particle Card.
pipedream: A simple graphical program.
railtank: Tank monitoring program
sniff: A network sniffer
stars: Something like that old Windows screensaver with stars.
synth: Graphical interface to the sound card.
Forecaster's programs
opentodo: A simple TODO-list program
gamax92's programs
chip8emu: CHIP8 Emulator for OC
debug: Give full stacktraces for programs
dfpwm: Lua implementation of the DFPWM codec
fstools: Utilities and libraries for raw filesystems
immibis-compress: Compressor and Decompressor for the ipack library
ipack: ipack compression library based on immibis's compression routine
libformat: table formatting with justification and width options
msdosfs: Provides msdos filesystem support
nano: nano clone for OpenComputers
ocnetfs: Connect a OCNetFS server as a local filesystem
ooci-tools: OOCI Image Format utilities
socfs: Provides SOCFS filesystem support
soundcard: automatic processing of soundcard queues and delays
tapefs: tapefs library and utilities
tapeutils: Utilities for using Computronics Tape Drives
tar: Manipulate and utilize tar archives
unrequire: Unload libraries from the package cache
vcomponent: Virtual Components for OC
wocchat: WocChat IRC client for OpenComputers
Gopher's programs
gitrepo: Basic git repo downloader
gml: Gopher's GUI Libraries for OpenComputers
gml-examples: Example programs using GML
istasi's programs
ilib: Just stuff i use to make my life abit easier.
ivator: Control your elevator though a screen, rather than through the builtin elevator control.
Jomik's programs
robot-location: Internally keeps track of robot's location and orientation.
Kenny's programs
CompViewer: GUI component viewer
Lua Tutorial: Ingame Lua tutorial
LC Control: GUI stargate controller
Adventure: CC adventure ported to OC
KS: Easy to use term API
OPEdit: OpenPrinter supported text editor (edit.lua)
Open Computers Dig: Dig program included with Open Computers
Open Computers OpenIRC: IRC program included with Open Computers
OpenLights Control: Control program for OpenLights
Big Reactors Control: Control program for Big Reactors
Kilobyte's programs
backtrace: A wrapper to get backtraces from a program
configparser: A simple configuarion file parser
deepcopy: A simple library to deepcopy tables and other things
oop-system: A system for Object Oriented Programming in lua
ubersandbox: A sandbox to run scripts in
vortex-compiler: Vortex - A functional language that compiles to lua
vortex-runtime: Vortex - A functional language that compiles to lua
Kilobyte's programs (more)
v: A text editor inspired by vim, but very basic
v-script: A Lisp Like scripting language for OC
Kubuxu's programs
pid: PID controller library
strict: Creates strict enviroment
LizzyTrickster's programs
lperkins2's programs
python: Implementation of the CPython VM
python-edit: Simple text editor implemented with python-gml, supports using a remote compiler for python code, beta
python-gml: Python bindings for gml, includes a TextArea and component Div, not included in native gml
python-simpledb: Non sql database which uses a directory on the filesystem
Luisau's programs
energy-monitor: [v0.2] Program to monitor a Draconic Evolution Energy Core
lscomp: [v0.1] Command line program to list all components and addresses
Magik6k's programs
gml-plan9k: Gopher's GUI Libraries for OpenComputers(Plan9k version)
libcrc32: Library for crc32 calculation
libdeflate: Library implementing deflate algorithm in pure lua
libitem: Library simplifying NBT tag reading from inventory controller
libnbt: Library for reading uncompressed NBT tags
mpt: An alternative, heavier package manager.
mpttest: Package for MPT auto-update feature testing
multiboot: A simple program that allows booting multiple systems.
nettools: Networking tools for network package
network: Advanced networking for OpenComputers, implements routing, and tcp, udp like protocols
p6: Kernel for OpenPosix System.
fget: Dumb-as-rocks FRequest client
frequestd: Reasonably sane FRequest server
libsyslog: Library for unified logging
minitel: Simple and powerful networking stack
minitel-docs: Simple and powerful networking stack
minitel-util: Assorted Minitel utilities
mmail-send: Command line program for sending mail over the minitel network.
mmaild: Simple mail server, implementing maildir.
syslogd: System logging daemon with network capabilities
vtunnel: Linked card emulator
Miscellaneous programs
example: Hello world by Vexatos
interface-api: Just another GUI api by TankNut
interface-example: An example script for the GUI api by TankNut
hastebin: Pastebin clone for by Gurkengewuerz
moonscript: A programmer friendly language that compiles to Lua.
mpmxyz's programs
cbrowse: lua command line with advanced value display
crunch: compresses Lua code (e.g. BIOS)
devfs: adds a virtual device filesystem mounted in /dev - for old OC versions only
mpm.tar: can extract AND create tar archives - even on tape drives
mpmpid: PID controllers for minecraft
purgelib: force reloading libraries to make testing easier
camera: Draws an image based on the Computronics' camera raytracing data
geoglasses: A program that searches ores, and other high-density blocks, and highlights them on the OpenGlasses' glasses.
geomine: A miner program that uses the Geolyzer to effectively mine the ores.
holo-editor: Allows to easily create, edit, and show holograms.
lava-runner: A game for OpenComputers. Escape from the lava!
libforms: A lightweight and easy-to-use GUI library.
libqr: A QR generator library for OpenComputers.
libthread: Makes it simple to create a program that needs multithreading.
libvector: Provides mathematical vectors.
mc: A file commander, similar to Midnight Commander and Norton Commander.
obj: 3D models drawing library for OpenGlasses.
payonel's programs
psh: OpenOS remote shell and remote copy utilities. Adds psh and pcp to your PATH. Use rc to start pshd
pedrosgali's programs
draw-plus: An 'advanced' Paint utility.
PixelToast's programs
ConsoleUtils: Fancy console formatting and serialization
crypt: All in one crypto library
bit64: bit library that supports 64 bit integers
sha512: SHA 512 algorithm using bit64
TCPNet: Cross-server communication
2048: basic 2048 game, somewhat playable
OCI: Compact and efficient image format
mandlebrot: Optimized mandlebrot renderer
base64: Fast b64 converter
holo menger: Hologram menger sponge
holo sphere: Hologram sphere
holo text: Hologram dynamic text
agony: Agony esolang
barely: Barely esolang
befunge: Befunge esolang
brainfuck: Brainfuck esolang
malbolge: Malbolge esolang
superstack: SuperStack! esolang
mrfs: MrFS Filesystem (WIP)
openloader-init: OpenLoader as init.lua
pipes: Pipes multitasking kernel
plan9k: Plan9k operating system metapackage
plan9k-containers: Plan9k containers and sandboxing
plan9k-core: Plan9k system core
plan9k-corelibs: Plan9k Core libraries
plan9k-coreutil: Plan9k Core utilities
plan9k-data: Plan9k datacard utilities
plan9k-doc-core: Plan9k core documentation
plan9k-docs: Plan9k Documentation metapackage
plan9k-drivers: Plan9k device drivers
plan9k-edit: Plan9k text editor
plan9k-extra: Plan9k distribution with more default programs
plan9k-filesystems: Plan9k blockdevice filesystems
plan9k-fsutil: Plan9k filesystem utilities
plan9k-installer: Plan9k installer
plan9k-ip: Plan9k InternetProtocol(IPv4) stack
plan9k-man: Plan9k documentation viewer
plan9k-network: Plan9k internet utils
plan9k-ohcp: OHCP(DHCP) client module for Plan9k
plan9k-ohcp-server: OHCP(DHCP) server module for Plan9k
plan9k-shell: Plan9k shell
plan9k-ssh: Plan9k SSH (not implementing real protocol)
routed: RIPv2 routing protocol implementation
Sangar's programs
drone-sort: This BIOS can be installed on drones to use them in a sorting system employing waypoints.
geo2holo: Will plot the terrain surrounding the Geolyzer to the Hologram.
gol: Simple implementations of the well-known cellular automaton Game of Life.
holo-demos: Useful example programs for the Hologram block.
libnoise: This package provides a library for generating Perlin noise, and some utility methods.
librt: This package provides a library for performing very basic raytracing.
lisp: This program allows running a simple Lisp REPL and Lisp programs.
midi: Can be used to play real MIDI files using either Note Blocks or the built-in speakers.
print3d: This program allows sending custom 3D model files to a 3D printer.
print3d-examples: Contains a couple of example models for the print3d program.
print3d-view: This program allows previewing 3D model files used for print3d.
SolraBizna's programs
redfs: Provides a virtual filesystem that can control Redstone cards/blocks.
Starchasers' programs
oc-bsms-core: TODO
oc-bsms-drone: TODO
oc-bsms-storage: TODO
SuPeRMiNoR2's programs
alongtimeago: Port of CC's alongtimeago
autopid: Scans for turbines and reactors and adds them to mpmxyz's pid.
osmagdoor: Security program that works with opensecurity doors and mag card readers.
pclsgcx: Modifed SGCX for PC-Logix minecraft server, updates stargate list from the internet
power-monitor: Monitors IC2, ThermalExpansion, and EnderIO Energy Storage
sminesweeperone: Basic Minesweeper game
supercrypt: Encryption things I took from random places and modded a bit. Currently supports aes encryption / decryption and SHA256 hashing
Techokami's programs
print: A program that works like cat, except it uses an OpenPrinters printer.
telnet: An actual telnet client. It doesn't support most of the spec, and there are bugs.
Vexatos' programs
asiebin: Pastebin clone for
bigreactors-control: A very simple BigReactors Reactor and Turbine control program
drama: asie's Drama Generator inside OC
holocol: Simple program to change a hologram projector's color via shell
oppm: A program to browse, download, install and update various useful programs and libraries
song: An API to play whole songs using computer.beep
song-examples: Some example songs for the Song API
vifino's Lua CPU emulators
8080-emu: An 8080 emulator for Lua
bitops: Automatic BitOps selection and sane-ifier
memlib: Low-level pluggable memory library
zpu-emu: A ZPU emulator for Lua
vilu's programs
configlib: Simple configuration reader and writer library
Wilma456's programs
cmatrix: Matrix like Screensaver
cowsay: Show a ASCII Art with a Text
fortune: Print a random text
mynaptic: A GUI for OPPM
Wobbo's programs
energyd: A library to monitor energy levels
getopt: POSIX getopt for parsing command line options
grep: POSIX grep for searching trough text files
Wuerfel_21's programs
automount: Create autostart files automatically wit AutoMount!
dispenser: A Network liberary that avoids cycles
fancylights: Makes colorful lamps even more colorful!
floppypirate: Arrr, pirate a floppy the pirate way.
natable: Very very dirty!
noteal: Manage your stereo noteblock rig the easy way!
nstest: A small public domain Notestream player, also contains a example of the .nal format
ocpiano: Play Piano on ... EVERYTHING!!! Supports NoteAL
snl: A Liberary to find services on a network
splashes: Does what it says on the box!
wsare: WsarE stands for "WsarE streams and runs Executeables", which describes what it does very well
wsare_srv: A pluginnable WsarE server